Van Buren County Fair
Keosauqua, Iowa

July 7-18, 2016

This year's fair is dedicated in loving memory to Carl "Doc" Keith Myers. Doc spent many hours helping the youth of our community while serving on the Van Buren County fair board and through his duties as cattle superintendent. Special recognition in his honor will be held during the cattle show on Saturday, July 16th.

Saturday, July 16
All Day               DNR Mobile Education Exhibit
8:00am               4-H/FFA Beef Show – show barn
                            Open K-3 Nursing Calf show
3:00pm              4-H/FFA & Open K-3 Rabbit Show (or 30 minutes after

                            conclusion of beef show) – Rabbit Barn
5:00pm              Meal served by Van Buren County Cattlemen
7:00pm           Rodeo

Sunday, July 17
All Day                  DNR Mobile Education Exhibit
9-9:30am             Community Worship Service – Fair Office Shelter
9:30am                 Baby Contest registration
10:00am               Baby Contest
10:00am               Fun Horse Show – practice arena
10:00am-1pm      Kids’ Day Games
10:00am-4pm      Off Our Farm Petting Zoo
12:00pm               Deadline for sale notice
12:00-4:00pm      Iowa Learning Farms Conservation Station
1:30pm                 Pedal Pull sign in
2:00pm                 Pedal Pull
3:00pm                 Pictures of winners (static exhibits only)
4:00pm            Ranch Rodeo
7:00pm            Farm Challenge

7:00pm                 4-H/FFA non-sale livestock released
7:30pm                 All other 4-H exhibits released

Monday, July 18
10:00am              Open class entries released
4:00pm                Presentation of Marcie Carr Memorial Award –

                              Outstanding Shepherd
5:30pm                Meal served by fair board
7:00pm                4-H/FFA Livestock Sale


The Iowa Learning Farms Conservation Station will be with us on Kids' Day, Sunday, July 17 from noon-4pm.

Thursday, July 7
9:00am Clothing Events Judging

Sunday, July 10
1:00pm Communications Judging
5:00pm Gospel Hour

Monday, July 11
6:30pm 2016 Junior Miss/Fair Queen Contest

Tuesday, July 12
8:00am AM 4-H Club Pictures
8:30am 4-H Exhibit Judging begins (members & family only)
12:30pm  PM 4-H Club Pictures
5:00pm   4-H/FFA & Open K-3 Cat & Pets Show – Roberts Building
7:00pm    4-H/FFA & Open K-3 Dog Show

Wednesday, July 13
9-11:00am Weigh-In for market animals
12:00pm          All other 4-H/FFA animals may arrive
3-6:00pm       Weigh-In for market animals
6:00pm           Beef ultrasound, followed by sheep & goats, then swine

Thursday, July 14
8:00am      All 4-H/FFA animals must be in place
8:00am 4-H/FFA & Open K-3 Sheep & Meat Goat show – show barn
1:00pm 4-H/FFA Dairy Show – show barn
2:30pm Open class exhibit judging (classes J, H, I, K, L, M, S) – Roberts Building
6:00pm           4-H/FFA & Open K-3 Horse Show – show barn 

Friday, July 15
All Day            DNR Mobile Education Exhibit
8:00am 4-H/FFA Swine Show – show barn
1:00pm           Open class exhibit judging (classes E, F) – Roberts Building
2:00pm           Open class exhibit judging (class G) – Roberts Building
4-6:30pm        Sign In for Truck & Tractor Pull
7:00pm        Truck & Tractor Pull - Grandstand

 The DNR Mobile Education​ Exhibit will be on-hand Friday through Sunday!




Hwy 1 N Keosauqua IA 52565 US

Event admission


Truck & Tractor Pull                     Ranch Rodeo

Adults - $10                                   Ages 5 & Up - $2

Children ages 5-12 $5                     Under 5 - Free

Children under 5 - Free


Adults - $10
Children ages 5-12 $5
Children under 5 - Free